Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love opening packages...

I've been avoiding shopping online. :)  Plus I'm on a makeup buy ban, and this time, I've actually stuck to it.  Why?  Because recently I organized my stash and had to throw out a bunch of lippies that had gone bad, and I realized I had barely even used them.  I felt pretty bad about that. 

I did receive some makeup in the mail this week though, and I have Saila, The Adventurous Purple Koala to thank for that. :)  I happened to win her giveaway for a Fyrinnae gift voucher.  I chose mostly Lip Lustres, plus two shadows, and two blushes.  Processing time for my order took a reasonable 10 days, fyi, for people who might be discouraged from the time frame displayed on the Fyrinnae site.

Top to bottom- Lip Lustres in Lollipop-Pop, Fanservice, Meloncholy, Ryo-Pinko, Bloodstains, and Deceptive Innocence.  I want to do a separate post on the Lip Lustres. ♥

Glow Blushes in Intrigue and Charm, Arcane Magic eyeshadows in Velvet Vampire (I love the name, and the color!) and Electric Stardust, plus a free sample of Warrior Mage.  Warrior Mage is actually a shade I've ordered before.  But I'm not complaining, now I have an almost full size of it. :)

These smelled wonderful coming out of the package.  A Schwarzkopf Essensity Gift Pack, from Sophie of Beautynomics' massive anniversary giveaway.  Sophie said she loves how these soften her hair and smell so good! I received them weeks ago, but have only tried the shampoo since I'm waiting for a shower filter I ordered to arrive.

I admit, lately I haven't been taking good care of my skin, or my health in general!  I am having such bad breakouts.  But since the factors contributing to my breakouts (like my not sticking to a consistent skin care routine and having an unhealthy diet), are ones that I can control, I'm pretty confident I can get my skin, and myself, back in shape.  My recent order from Garden of Wisdom seems to be improving my skin already.

Wow, I've really missed getting getting stuff in the mail!


nikkiz. said...

Wow! Those lippies look so pretty! I haven't tried anything from Fyrinnae though. I hope your breakouts will be under control soon. There's nothing like good, clear skin and good health. Take care, Ida!

Camille(SHOBE) said...

me too!!and that's a lot of package!!i love the red and purple lippie and the red shadow!!hehe i love that you like organic prods ^_^

Fifi said...

OMG you're so lucky! I want to try Friyanne so bad. Can't wait to read what you think of the lip lustres and mineral shadows! I'm eyeing their matte shades!

Ida said...

Hey Nikki, I love them, I'll try putting up swatches of the lippies soon. Oh that is so true about clear skin and good health! Thanks Nikki, take care as well. :)

Shobe, it feels so good ripping open packages, no? :) I like that you like organic products as well!

Fifi, I bet you'd love their shadows! If you browse their site, you'll see sooo many pretty colors...I have like 50 on my wishlist hehe.

SilhouetteScreams said...

The lip lustres look so pretty :D and I realllllly like the look of the Electric Stardust shadow

Khymm said...

ang ganda ng colors! =) cant wait for your reviews!

Ida said...

Hi SilhouetteScreams, I love the Lustres! And Electric Stardust is gorgeous, it's such a vibrant green! :)

Khymm, will post swatches and photos soon :)

Crystal Gale said...

wow! that's a lot of items ^_^

Saila said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you found a good use for the prize :)

Ida said...

Oh my gosh, Gale, I forgot that you wanted to get the anti pop up. Do you want it still? Will email. :)

Hi Saila, I sure did! I'm having lots of fun playing with the new stuff. :)

Marce said...

Lucky girl! Congratulations on the products! The lip glosses look very pretty, I'd love to see more info on them!

Jing said...

last january, i also reorganized my stuff and gave away some makeups to my cousins. mga dalaga na kasi. haha.

conratulations for winning those pretty colors =)

and thank you for the sweet comment you recently gave me ida! mwah!

Ida said...

Hey Marce! Thank you. I'll try posting photos of them on my lips soon. :)

Hi Jing, good idea, bigay ko rin sa mga nagdadalagang cousins ko iba kong makeup. Hehe. You're very welcome and I really appreciate your visit and comment. :)

Musicalhouses said...

Fyrinnae has some of the best stuff ever, I'm always so tempted to order from them! Velvet Vampire looks great!

twinsouls888 said...

Wow I honestly envy your loots ahaha ^_^. I haven't entered giveaways for some time, I'm out of the circulation in the bloggerworld tsk tsk. ^_^

Congratz on winning, I'll watch out for the swatches on those yummy looking lippies. ^_^

Ida said...

Musicalhouses, you should definitely try their products! I say go ahead and order! :D

Hi Ems, thanks! I noticed you don't seem to be blogging much nga. I miss your posts. :)

Cheryl Clarke said...

love the stuff you won. i love opening packages too!

Anonymous said...

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Ida said...

Hey Cheryl, totally, nothing beats the feeling of finally ripping open that package you've been waiting for weeks to get! :)

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